Learning to perceive and manipulate energy is an essential skill. It will assist you in your domestic life, work life, relationships, and most importantly support your spiritual development. We are in an age where this type of information is much more accessible, although there are so many approaches that draw on both authentic and invented traditions that it’s often hard to discern what is actually useful. This section of the website will present tried and true concepts and techniques that are easy to understand and practice. Master Choa used to tell us never to follow blindly, but to “learn, experiment, evaluate, draw your own conclusions, practice, and master.” This will save you a lot of wasted effort. My over 20 years of experience in esoteric practices has confirmed to me without a doubt that his approach is solid and reliable.

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How to See Auras

Using a few simple tricks, it easy to begin seeing auras. We’ll focus first on seeing our own aura and then shift to seeing the auras of others!

How to Feel Auras

If seeing auras wasn’t fun enough, you can also learn to feel auras using your hands. With a few simple tricks and a little persistence you will be well on your way to feeling the aura of everything around you (including people, plants, animals, and other objects).

How to Feel Chakras

Building on our previous video, we’ll used the skills we developed in learning to feel auras to begin feeling the energy of chakras (energy centres).