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The Secret of Vipassana Meditation

Adherents of vipassana meditation claim that it is impartial inner observation that lead to insight and transcendence. However, the true secret of vipassana is actually active, engaged participation; it is only through self acceptance that transformation is possible. At Modern Kriya, we are informed by a Daoist Internal Alchemy approach, and leverage practices such as the Inner Smile to begin this inner transformation.

What's Missing in Your Meditation

An often overlooked, but essential, aspect of meditation practice is resolving one’s internal issues (e.g., emotional issues or ‘character flaws’). Whereas some spiritual traditions either totally ignore this practice or attempt to deal with it through moral commandments, at Modern Kriya we take a different approach. Informed by Daoist Internal Alchemy, we practice a chi-based approach to spirituality, of which a key component is emotional alchemy. Our practices help us deal with internal issues head on and gives us the energetic support for internal transformation.

Three Signs that Your Meditation is Working

How do you know that your meditation is working and that the techniques you are doing are having the desired effect? There are three signs common to all effective meditation practices that indicate your meditation is going in the right direction. These include the freeze response (pratyahara), inner sensations (interoception), and the Tranquil Breath.

The Spiritual Bypass and the Myth of Self-Mastery

The delusion of self-mastery is often rooted in a spiritual bypass where one attempts to use yogic or other methods of meditation to go beyond the ego or false self and to rise above the material realm. What this really does is dissociates one from one’s immediate environment and gives one the false sense that one is moving towards enlightenment and it often has no impact on the internal issues that need to be transformed if enlightenment is to take place. At Modern Kriya, we leverage the internalizing power of Kriya Yoga plus the transformative power of Daoist Internal Alchemy to empower your rapid personal and spiritual development.

How to Deal with Distractions in Meditation

Distractions in meditation are common. This can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is the inability to internalize. The solution for this is a meditation technique that brings one inside, such as Kriya Yoga. However, once inside, one will inevitably experience greater “distractions” which most spiritual traditions try to ignore and rise above or attempt to overcome. However, this approach doesn’t work since these supposed distractions are really unresolved components of the self that need to be integrated if lasting inner transformation is to take place. At Modern Kriya, we teach practices that bring about a balanced inner transformation to Whole Body Enlightenment.