These moving meditation practices will help you begin the process of opening up your inner space to encourage optimal energy flow, harmony, healing, health, and whole body spiritual development.

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What is Moving Meditation?

Meditation is much more than just sitting still. The expansion of consciousness, which is a benchmark of successful meditation, is actually a product of inner transformation, rather than a result of particular meditation techniques. Moving meditation practices, such as qigong, help to encourage inner transformation through spontaneous resolutions of stagnant chi in your inner energetic architecture (i.e., energy body). By adding moving meditation to your practices, you can dramatically increase your potential for inner development.

Shaking the Tree

Shaking the Tree is a great way to warm up for meditation practice. It loosens the joints and any chi that has been stuck in the meridians. Plus it’s tons of fun!

Ocean Breathing (Belly Breathing)

Ocean Breathing is a great way to open up your inner space. By using this gentle body motion with breath, you connect at a deep level with your substance, energy, and consciousness. This simple technique is revivifying, healing, and enlightening–and really easy to do!

The Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds are an ancient Daoist practice for venting or releasing pent up emotions in the major organs. This helps to harmonize the energies in the heart, lungs, liver, stomach/spleen, and kidneys. This released energy can further be refined through practice of the Microcosmic Orbit.