This Qigong for Kids page provides simple movements combined with breathing to help kids connect in a deeper way to their bodies, improve their circulation and attention, de-escalate their emotions, and induce the relaxation response. These are handy tools for parents to help them and their kids deal with the challenges of daily life.

Monkey Shakes the Tree Qigong

Monkey Shakes the Tree Qigong is a really fun and easy way to release tension in the joints and throughout the body. Your kids will love it!

Belly Breathing for Kids

Belly Breathing for Kids is a great skill for kids to develop to induce the relaxation response. This is very handy for helping them deal with stress and to be able to de-escalate challenging emotions. Belly breathing is easy and fun to do.

Self Regulation for Kids Through Five Animals Qigong

Self regulation is a term used in psychology to describe strategies for coping with stress connected with the limbic system (mid-brain). The Five Animals Qigong (pronounced “Chee Gong”) is a fun way for kids to learn to self regulate their emotions and clear trapped chi from their internal organs, thereby de-escalating themselves and experiencing increased happiness and health.