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Secret of Spiritual Manifestation

Effective spiritual manifestation goes beyond just simple affirmation or visualization. It involves a process of having a clear intention with sufficient energy, making external effort, and removing internal barriers. These skills are taught to Modern Kriya students.

How to Open and Close Your Aura

The ability to consciously open or close one’s aura is an important skill to have. When working internally, an open or expanded aura will help one with spiritual transformation. When interacting with others, the ability to choose whether to open or close the aura can be very useful for adapting to the environment. At Modern Kriya, we teach the more effective means for regulating and consciously controlling the aura.

Importance of Daoist Internal Alchemy

Daoist Internal Alchemy is a unique and comprehensive approach to spirituality that goes far beyond most other spiritual practices. It grounds one’s spiritual experience in the body and systematically moves through the different elements of one’s energetic anatomy to catalyze internal transformation at all levels.

Should Spiritual Instruction Be Free?

Some believe that spiritual instruction should be offered free of charge. This is particularly the case in this streaming video age where there is so much content available online. While some free introductory information can be helpful, deeper levels of spiritual instruction requires establishing a relationship between the teacher and the student to help support the student through their process. This is the case at Modern Kriya where we provide individualized support for students.

Is the Microcosmic Orbit Dangerous?

Some claim that the Microcosmic Orbit is a dangerous practice, but nothing could be farther from the truth. It is a restorative and balancing practice that helps to increase health, longevity, and spiritual development.

Is Spiritual Initiation Necessary?

Some claim that spiritual initiation from the teacher or guru is absolutely necessary on the spiritual path. However, this perspective sets up a dependent and often limiting relationship between the teacher and student. At Modern Kriya, we provide effective practices and guidance to help students empower themselves through their own efforts, leading to true and lasting internal transformation.

Importance of Embodied Spiritual Practice

Many spiritual traditions take a disembodied approach to spirituality because they assume that spiritual development occurs outside the realm of the everyday. This assumption is incorrect. In fact, spirituality is about the integration and inner transformation of the mundane, the unresolved, and the sacred.

The Shortcut to Enlightenment

Many spiritual traditions provide only fragmentary approaches to enlightenment that lack a true integrative process. At Modern Kriya, we are informed by a Daoist Internal Alchemy approach that leverages effective practices for inner transformation and whole body enlightenment.

The Problem with Nirvana

Although the attainment of nirvana is considered to be the pinnacle of accomplishment in Buddhism, it is a disembodied approach to spirituality that is ultimately disempowering. At Modern Kriya, we teach a whole body approach to enlightenment that gives you pragmatic tools for inner transformation that you can use in the here and now.

The Problem with the Guru

While the spiritual teacher can assist the student in their path of development by sharing insights and practices, over-reliance on the guru can adversely affect the student. Students who are unwilling to experiment with applying principles and practices to their unique circumstances with the expectation that the guru will intercede with the divine on their behalf will have limited results. At Modern Kriya, we provide practices from Kriya Yoga and Daoist Internal Alchemy that help students build and apply skills for their spiritual development.

The Problem with Non-Dualism

Non-dualistic philosophies/spiritual practices fall short when trying to make the leap between everyday human consciousness and the divine. The assumption inherent in these approaches is that by transcending the mind, they are able to transcend creation and escape from suffering. However, their methodology is faulty, since transcendence of the mind does not necessarily resolve inner imbalances. At Modern Kriya, we are informed by a Daoist Internal Alchemy approach, which specializes in balancing inner disharmonies and empowering you with effective practices for whole body enlightenment.

The Dark Side of Spirituality

The dark side of spirituality is the attempt to vanquish the polar opposite of whatever is considered good or holy. This simplistic misunderstanding of spirituality fails to recognize that the current situation is the result of patterns arising from the interplay of polarities and that these can be reset. At Modern Kriya, we are informed by a Daoist Internal Alchemy approach which specializes in the harmonization of yin and yang patterns to support one’s internal transformation.

Micromanaging Your Meditation

Many practitioners in meditation paths such as Kriya Yoga are very concerned about their spiritual routine to the point where they end up trying to micromanage the meditation process. While spiritual routines can be helpful in building skills, it isn’t the routine that generates results in meditation, it is the application of internal skills plus spontaneous inner unfoldment. At Modern Kriya, we teach practices of Kriya Yoga and Daoist Internal Alchemy aimed at developing your skills for inner transformation and whole body enlightenment.

How to Overcome Your Negative Karma

Many spiritual paths see karma as a fatalistic law that requires divine intercession to overcome one’s suffering. This is a misunderstanding of internal processes of reactivity to daily life. While it is true that many forces help to shape our reactive patterns, we still have the power to transform these patterns and ultimately our life and karma. At Modern Kriya, we teach practices of Daoist Internal Alchemy designed specifically for this purpose.

Suffering as Spiritual Motivation

Whereas some do their best to avoid and distance themselves from suffering, it can be an effective motivator for spiritual development. By applying principles from Daoist Internal Alchemy, suffering can be transformed into spiritual fuel that propels one’s spiritual development. For more info, please visit

Shamanistic Approach to Meditation

The shamanistic approach to meditation that we teach a Modern Kriya focuses on developing skills for communicating with the Life Force and can be adapted to your particular circumstances. It allows you to customize your spiritual practice and supports your unique process of inner transformation.

Is Kriya Yoga Making You Spiritually Rigid?

While people who practice Kriya Yoga are often very disciplined, there may be a tendency for them to be spiritually rigid. This is usually the result of a dogmatic approach of certain Kriya Yoga schools and also the pressure that practitioners put on themselves about their expected trajectory of development. These attitudes are unhelpful and unnecessary. At Modern Kriya, we have a flexible, holistic approach to spiritual development that supports the unique needs of students.

How to Fix Your Kriya Yoga

Many people have trouble with Kriya Yoga and getting into a deep meditative state. There are a couple of principles that if applied to your Kriya practice will have you going deep in meditation in five minutes or less.

Kundalini Awakening: Blessing or Curse?

Much has been made about kundalini awakening regarding whether it is essential for spiritual development or is a scourge to the meditation practitioner. At Modern Kriya, we take the perspective that the term kundalini is a misnomer for the much misunderstood flow of the life force (chi or prana). We teach a robust set of practices from Kriya Yoga and Daoist Internal Alchemy that balances the flow of life force and brings harmonious spiritual development.

Belly Breathing in Meditation

Many people hold tension in their abdomen that impacts their ability to breathe in a fulsome way. Intentional breathing is an effective strategy in meditation for internalization, but if the diaphragm is tense, a proper is not taken. At Modern Kriya, we teach you how to engage your abdomen in belly breathing, which has profound effects for your meditation practice.

How to Improve Your Meditation Instantly

There’s one thing that you can do to improve your meditation simply and easily: the Inner Smile. The Inner Smile is so simple and so profound a practice that if applied to your meditation will have transformative effects. It is the missing ingredient from most mediation practices and brings an inner harmony that supports your development.

The Fallacy of Final Enlightenment

Despite the fact that many spiritual paths espouse the idea of final emancipation or enlightenment, this final state is a spiritual fantasy. What is not a fantasy, however, is the process of inner transformation. At Modern Kriya we see enlightenment as a process rather than a final state and teach practices aimed at whole body enlightenment. This allows students to adapt practices specifically for their unique circumstances and to get the most traction to create positive changes in their lives and those around them.

The Problem with Buddhism

The problem with head centered approaches to spirituality such as Buddhism is that they ignore key aspects of one’s experience that are essential for inner transformation. At Modern Kriya, we combine Kriya Yoga and Daoist Internal Alchemy into a powerful practice designed for whole body enlightenment.

Meditation Isn't About Stopping Your Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, meditation isn’t about stopping your thoughts. Effective meditation practices utilize some form of pranayama (intentional breathing) that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in an internalized state (pratyahara). At Modern Kriya, we teach Kriya Yoga and other practices to help you go into meditation quickly and effectively.

What to Do About Falling Asleep in Meditation

Falling asleep in meditation is a challenge experienced by many. With these four tips you can help ensure that you are alert and your meditation is productive.

The Secret of Meditation

Effective meditation brings together two essential ingredients: internalization and inner transformation. By internalization, we become aware of our inner landscape. By having practices to assist processing unresolved issues, we engage in internal transformation. At Modern Kriya, we leverage a combination of Kriya Yoga and Daoist Internal Alchemy for whole body enlightenment.

The Danger of Spiritual Dissociation

Dissociation and self-repression will slow down your spiritual development. Many spiritual traditions rely on dissociation and repression in the form of meditation and character building as a means for dealing with a disharmonious inner energetic landscape. At Modern Kriya we take the approach that self-love is at the center of internal transformation and teach practices that bring about internal harmony and balance.

The Secret of Vipassana Meditation

Adherents of vipassana meditation claim that it is impartial inner observation that lead to insight and transcendence. However, the true secret of vipassana is actually active, engaged participation; it is only through self acceptance that transformation is possible. At Modern Kriya, we are informed by a Daoist Internal Alchemy approach, and leverage practices such as the Inner Smile to begin this inner transformation.

What's Missing in Your Meditation

An often overlooked, but essential, aspect of meditation practice is resolving one’s internal issues (e.g., emotional issues or ‘character flaws’). Whereas some spiritual traditions either totally ignore this practice or attempt to deal with it through moral commandments, at Modern Kriya we take a different approach. Informed by Daoist Internal Alchemy, we practice a chi-based approach to spirituality, of which a key component is emotional alchemy. Our practices help us deal with internal issues head on and gives us the energetic support for internal transformation.

Three Signs that Your Meditation is Working

How do you know that your meditation is working and that the techniques you are doing are having the desired effect? There are three signs common to all effective meditation practices that indicate your meditation is going in the right direction. These include the freeze response (pratyahara), inner sensations (interoception), and the Tranquil Breath.

The Spiritual Bypass and the Myth of Self-Mastery

The delusion of self-mastery is often rooted in a spiritual bypass where one attempts to use yogic or other methods of meditation to go beyond the ego or false self and to rise above the material realm. What this really does is dissociates one from one’s immediate environment and gives one the false sense that one is moving towards enlightenment and it often has no impact on the internal issues that need to be transformed if enlightenment is to take place. At Modern Kriya, we leverage the internalizing power of Kriya Yoga plus the transformative power of Daoist Internal Alchemy to empower your rapid personal and spiritual development.

How to Deal with Distractions in Meditation

Distractions in meditation are common. This can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is the inability to internalize. The solution for this is a meditation technique that brings one inside, such as Kriya Yoga. However, once inside, one will inevitably experience greater “distractions” which most spiritual traditions try to ignore and rise above or attempt to overcome. However, this approach doesn’t work since these supposed distractions are really unresolved components of the self that need to be integrated if lasting inner transformation is to take place. At Modern Kriya, we teach practices that bring about a balanced inner transformation to Whole Body Enlightenment.