Wuji Gong, also called Primordial Tai Chi, is an 800 year old alchemical form that mixes chi from the four directions and brings it into the center for an alchemical synthesis. The result is the mixing of yin/yang polarities and the emergence of yuan chi (original unpolarized chi or neutral force), which neutralizes stagnant chi patterns and empowers new intentions. Wuji Gong balances chi in one’s energy body and in the immediate environment and so can be highly effective for creating inner and outer harmony.

Introduction to Wuji Gong

This video provides an overview of the Wuji Gong practice and its benefits.

Wuji Gong: Part 1

In the first part of Wuji Gong, we do the first part of the Earth Cycle, which traces the flow of chi from the Source, it’s separation into yin and yang, and consolidation into the center.

Wuji Gong: Part 2

Part two of Wuji Gong continues the Earth Cycle to moving earth chi through the left and right core channels (i.e., scoop left, scoop right).

Wuji Gong: Part 3

Part three of Wuji Gong concludes the Earth Cycle with scooping the elixir from the cauldron and bringing it to the lower Dan Tien.

Wuji Gong: Part 4

Part four of Wuji Gong details the Heaven Cycle, which brings celestial chi from the four directions into the center for alchemical transformation.

Wuji Gong: Part 5

Part five of Wuji Gong puts the Earth Cycle and Heaven Cycle together to gather earth chi and celestial chi from the four directions into the center and describes how repeating the form in the four directions completes the alchemical ceremony.

Wuji Gong Demonstration

This is a demonstration of the complete form of Wuji Gong beginning and ending facing east.

Tips for Wuji Gong

These tips will help you to bring your Wuji Gong practice to life and will enhance all your other meditation practices.